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Things from which India needs independence
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11 Things From Which India Needs Independence

15 August, is the Independence Day of India. On 15 Aug 1947, we got independence from British rule. Independence means “the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people”. India is undoubtedly a free nation, more so on the paper. But do you really think India is independent? You think every Indian is independent? Do you think we are free? Can you do what you want to do in your life? Here are the 11 things which question if the country is really free…

1.Education System
Things from which India needs independence

Do you recall your school days or the most ‘important’ classes: 10th and 12th? The first decision you probably made was the subject or stream. But other than the child, everyone -your parents, relatives, neighbours etc. simultaneously decide your subjects. So, you are not independent to make the first decision of your life.

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2.Intercaste marriage
Things from which India needs independence

Do you want to be married to a girl of your choice and your parents and family stopping you? Then Welcome to the great Indian culture where you can choose your government but you can’t choose your life partner for yourself!!  Most of the Indians can’t tolerate their children want to marry a guy or girl of different religion or caste.

The year is 2018 and the men and women of this country still can’t choose their life partner. Which means marriage between two grown adults can only happen when “The elders” give their permission. And if by any accident your potential partner is of a different caste or religion, it makes a war of social status. A war in which both sides can get hurt badly. It’s funny how we are told that humans are made by the same god but when it comes to marriage we are different!!

Things from which India needs independence

 We Indians get offended if any foreigner says something negative about Indians. But in India, most people are racist towards their own people & has prejudices like for people belonging to northeast India or south India. For ex: If a person is dark skinned they are teased by saying are you south Indian? And who can forget India’s obsession with fair skin and all the beauty products that capitalize on it. Similarly, a northeast Indians are called as chinki. (under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of atrocity) act, if you call a person from North East a ‘chinki’ you could end up behind bars for five years.

Things from which India needs independence

Religion is still a very sensitive topic to talk about in this secular country. Even though  India’s Constitution calls India “Secular”, many Indians consider this word an attack on their religion. People who often promote this idea of equality between various religions or don’t want people to kill each other over personal beliefs are termed “Hindu Phobic”. The News channels continue nurturing this false idea which only spreads hate. It’s sad to say that, in India, people still do Hindu – Muslims!! They forget that India is a secular country.

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5.Career choice
Things from which India needs independence

Want to make your career in the creative field and your parents want you to be a doctor or an Engineer?? You are not free to even choose your career. Many Indian parents want their children to opt for science to become an engineer or doctor or should take commerce to become a CA or to get a job in a bank. Most Indian parents don’t let their kids follow their dreams because profession other than that are not profitable “according to them”.

 6.Caste system
Things from which India needs independence

In a country where people are still divided in a name of Caste, how can it be free in real meaning? Caste system divides people into rigid hierarchical Of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, each based on their specific occupation.

If you ask people -that from which caste do you belong? it means you are also following this disgusting system.

In India, Illiterate or village people are not the only guilty ones, the so-called educated, so-called high-class people also advocate this nasty caste system.

At elections, many caste groups are being wooed by politicians looking for electoral gains. As a result, most of the unprivileged people who belong to lower caste have become a vote-grabbing exercise for many politicians.

7. Patriarchal Society
Things from which India needs independence

The patriarchal society continues to prevail in India where women are considered liabilities and are discriminated. Females constitute 48.18 % of the total population and are still seen as a second-class citizen.

The rising number of rapes and violence against the female population draws a question- Are women still striving for freedom in India? Think.

Things from which India needs independence

After so many years of Independence, India still practices one of the cruellest features of the caste system that is untouchability. The caste system was abolished by the constitution but the evil idea is very much alive in people’s mind even today.

Do You give water to your sweeper in a different glass? Then you are also following this awful social system.

It is only now that few organizations have started breaking the social hierarchy.

Things from which India needs independence

Have you ever thought that what is the scientific reason behind hanging lemon and chilies in mostly every house of India? Most of the Indians follow lots of superstitions. From the evil effect of Eye twitching to not cutting nails and hair on Saturdays which brings bad luck( which is false) we follow every kind of illogical superstition, and in every form. Educated or uneducated, most people follow these superstitions blindly. The best part about the country is that we continue to practice them even if we know nothing is going to happen. Incredible India? Yes!

10.Unhygienic Standards
Things from which India needs independence

The cities are in a big mess and the citizens blame the civic bodies for it. A normal person in this country throws garbage on the street or from the moving vehicle and then blames the government for not picking it up. Insanitation is widespread in rural areas as well as cities. People should be banned from urinating in public places. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle should be our motto. Let us all unite to obtain the mission of “Clean India”. India needs freedom from stinking unhygienic standards.

11.LGBT rights
Things from which India needs independence
Source-What’s Up Life

The LGBT community is also looked down upon. It’s surprising that a country that claims to be free doesn’t allow citizens to choose their sexual orientation. The third gender is still struggling for their freedom and basics rights in India. Recognizing the third gender legally and recognizing it individually are very different things.

Things from which India needs independence

Every country is just a specific area of this huge earth. A country is made up of the citizen, if they don’t behave free then how can a country be free in real meaning? If we want to feel real freedom, the independence, then we need to remove the shackles of these shoddy social systems. So that every citizen can live life like a free bird.

Things from which India needs independence

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