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Temple Run -The favourite game of every Indian politician

Temple run in Indian politics

A political chit-chat between two friends. A-Have you noticed one thing in the modern politics of India? B-What? A– Nowadays every politician loves to do temple run. It’s like Rath Yatra 2.0 B– Don’t you think it’s more of a vote yatra? A-Yes, that what I want to say. Its …

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11 Things From Which India Needs Independence

Things from which India needs independence

15 August, is the Independence Day of India. On 15 Aug 1947, we got independence from British rule. Independence means “the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people”. India is undoubtedly a free nation, more so on the paper. But do you really think India is independent? You think every Indian is independent? Do you …

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Is Democracy turning to mobocracy?

Democracy turning to mobocracy

A heated conversation between an engineer and a mob. Mob- So… You are going to die! Engineer- What? Why? I didn’t do anything.  I just came out for my morning walk! Mob- We just received a message on WhatsApp that there are child traffickers in our area. And we suspect …

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