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Metabolically Healthy Obesity


Metabolically Healthy Obesity is a buzzword in the world. This is a term usually used by obese people all around the world to delude themselves into thinking that being overweight is not a big deal or it’s not a problem of modern human civilization. They say that Metabolically Healthy Obesity is a normal condition.

metabolically healthy obesity

The biggest question that arises now is Why? Why do they do it? The answer obviously is following a proper weight loss program is really hard work. Jumping, running, skipping every day becomes an impossible task for some people. So they tell themselves this beautiful lie and for a world that, they are lazy.  But as a friend, you can’t stop yourself from going up to them and point out the obvious weight gain and become a dietician with no qualification. From giving dieting tips to exercise tips, you do it all just for this dear friend. But then you hear words like metabolism, scientific, healthy and you can’t help but think “Oh! Science. Must be true.”

I am not talking about the people who are at least making an attempt to correct the situation but about those really unhealthy people who know they are fat but still want to live in their bubble, because feelings, and go about throwing words like “healthy obesity”, “curvy”, #I Love my curves💜😍

Well let’s get one thing clear, having slight fat on your body like thighs, waist etc. does make your body ‘curvy’ and that is the only definition of curvy in any language. But 🍔(burger emoji) is NOT curvy. And while we’re on that let’s also make another thing clear health and obesity can never collaborate, why because when you become fat your heart does double the amount of work pumping all that blood in your body and Health doesn’t like it. She hates it. Don’t strain my heart.

Now people will try to prove you wrong and come up with this…

“I exercise regularly, every day and have no disease whatsoever.”

First: If you exercise regularly, every day then why are you still fat? You are clearly doing something wrong like loving pizza. NO, not going to name anyone!

Second: no disease whatsoever?. Obesity is a disease in itself and breathing heavily after climbing only one flight of stairs is WHAT??

Third: What about your future years when chugging down BP medicine will be a daily task or pumping insulin into your bloodstream.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not forcing you to change your lifestyle with which you have been living for a long time because for one major reason. It’s not easy. It is not easy to switch to healthy fruit when for the vast majority of life you have considered McDonald’s your temple, mosque, church, your everything. I want everyone to think, once, before shoving those fries in your face, eating the same pizza every week when chances are you stopped liking that thing a long time ago and are just eating it to look cool in front of your friends.

Remember these golden words: Human beings eat food for survival, not pleasure.

Bear with me while I throw this one last emotional line at everyone, “Children in our country are dying of hunger, and you…”

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