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Is Democracy turning to mobocracy?

Source-Deutsche Welle

A heated conversation between an engineer and a mob.

Mob- So… You are going to die!

Engineer- What? Why? I didn’t do anything.  I just came out for my morning walk!

Mob- We just received a message on WhatsApp that there are child traffickers in our area. And we suspect that you are one of them.

Engineer-No way, I am an engineer who creates software for child security. And what do you mean “suspect”? Where is the proof?

Democracy turning to mobocracy
Source-Business Today

Mob- Look, here’s the proof. We received a message with your photo saying that you are a child kidnapper and from last one week you are roaming around the city with an aim to kidnap our children. We will protect our children.

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Engineer- These messages are obviously fake and my photo has been photoshopped.

Mob- Photoshopped? What’s that?

Engineer- It’s like editing photographs using a software tool. Anybody with a software can use it. I am sure that is what is happening. Here I’ll show you…

Mob- Get back! What are you saying? That’s not possible. And stop wasting our time, we have other places to be.

Engineer-At least see the message which can be filled with spelling mistakes which shows that it is a fake message!!

Mob-We doesn’t have the brain, we are the mob, we don’t analyze message we just react on it.

Engineer- No.. N… Please don’t kill me! I have two kids.

Mob- Yes some of us have kids too, that is why we are doing this. And who knows what you’ll do to your own?

Engineer-But being in Karnataka, the Silicon Valley of India, how can you behave like that?

Mob-Silicon Valley?? Ha Ha… we don’t care it is a Silicon Valley or not. From east to west, from north to south, in any state of India we mob, can become active and complete our self-assign task.

Engineer-But I am a young, ambitious, educated person, why I will do all this inhuman activity?

Mob-We doesn’t care about your age. We can kill young people to old people.

(32-year-old Google engineer was beaten to death and 65-year-old Chennai woman was lynched in a Thiruvannamalai village after being mistaken for a child trafficker.)

Engineer- I am sure that this mob is mental.

Mob-Oh but the why we also ended a life of a mentally challenged woman.

Engineer-I will call the police… Please just call the police… please. Somebody call the police, please… ple…

Mob- Don’t you know our police, people like you always get away with anything. We are the ‘right’ police and court here. And here is your punishment. By the way, we are huge in no. (thanks to the population of India) and no policemen or women can control our anger.

Engineer-But even terrorists are allowed to make their case in courts! Please let me talk. I will explain everything. Let us all go to the police station.

Mob-Shut your mouth…. guys hit him.

Engineer- I am sure that this great Indian democracy will protect me and will punish you if you hit me.

Mob- Oh my innocent young man, there is no defined law for mob lynching. And the existing provision is not strongly implemented in prosecuting lynch mobs. So, somewhere, you are helpless.

Engineer-It means you have impunity? (impunity means exemption from punishment)

Mob-Off course.

Democracy turning to mobocracy

Engineer-Can MSUKA (Manav Suraksha Kanoon) law for lynching for bringing justice to victims of mob lynching victims which will make lynching a non-bailable offense and the punishment for the ones convicted under it would be life imprisonment will not protect me?

Mob-Our great Indian government is yet to respond to the implementation on MASUKA, so right now this future law can’t save your life.

Engineer- But Supreme Court have set up some guidelines to control mob lynching?

Mob-Let’s see… how strongly it will be applied after your death.

Engineer- What…. What are you saying? Believe me, I can never harm anyone. Please let’s just talk. Ok?

Mob- Talk? Do you think this is the parliament? Why should we talk to a child trafficker?

Engineer- But I am not one. I have told this to you many times now. And why is the government not discussing this in the parliament? Why is this happening t…?

Mob- Oh! So you are one of those anti-government people? Now we get it. Ok, people let’s finish the job now.

Engineer- No, I am not anti-anything. I love everyone.

Mob- But we don’t care about this thing and remember, from parliament to police, no one can save you from us.

Engineer-It means, this democracy will not protect me?

Mob-Ha Ha, democracy? This is Mobocracy.

Engineer-Please don’t kill me.

Mob- Shut up! You’ve said enough. We are doing this for our children. People like you will never understand.



Killer 1- What’s next now?

Killer 2- I have made a list of all the child traffickers. Look!

Killer 1-But this list includes a very old woman. Do you think she is capable of doing this?

Killer 2- Anybody can do anything in this world. We are living between monsters. And we have to make our world better.

Killer 1– Yeah! We are doing the right thing. We are better than the police our courts. Because the guilty are punished on the spot.

Spectator 1- Was he really a child kidnapper?

Spectator 2- Who knows? Maybe? But do you think we are safe? That these people won’t come after us…

Spectator 3- Of course we are safe. We have done nothing wrong…

A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. – Stalin

Democracy turning to mobocracy


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