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Is America The Real Greatest Country In The World?-Not Really


Any new idea requires massive business strategy to make it profitable. Any good product can fail if it is not publicized enough or the promotional strategy is too weak. Almost everyone knows about newspaper advertisement or online marketing strategies. By using these your product will certainly earn some money in your respective countries. But do you know the simplest way to attract global consumers to your product?


Is America The Real Greatest Country In The World

We all are familiar with American fast food giants namely McDonald’s, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut etc. But the pizza that we buy from these giants is as we all know it originated in Italy. And the main feature of the original Italian Pizza is its thin crust. But when the pizza reached America it became fatter, around the waist. Few people appreciate or enjoy the original thin crust pizza in the world now, including India.

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Besides food choices, America also influences other life choices of the world, like whether smoking is good or bad, is alcohol healthy?, should I follow football, what kind of exercise regime to follow, and the most widespread is YOGA. Yoga has been in our country for centuries but not many people bothered to follow it so religiously before the Americans started following it. Yes, there were compulsory yoga classes in every school, but it was compulsory. Nobody sat about in school waiting for that one yoga class.

Is America The Real Greatest Country In The World
Source-The Indian Express

Of course, if yoga went to America, so did its accessories like a yoga pant, replaced by, Dhoti, yoga mat which can again be translated to CHATAI. And it is not just the name that changed but also the material that it was made out of. Yoga mats made out of PVC are toxic, as proven by research but when you want to buy mats made out of natural, non-toxic it can feel out of reach for many people. But what other option do we have than to wait for the Americans to come up with a cheaper alternative version?

NO, I’m not blaming Indians for this or anyone other country’s citizen because no matter how hard you try, you can’t resist the charms of these people. Even though we know that Valentine’s Day is a scam by the chocolate companies to sell more products, everybody willingly and knowingly takes part in this because America picked it first, and we want to be part of this amazing and very costly thing.

Also because We Love Chocolate!

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