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The Deadly Virus Of Andh Bhakti


A new virus of ‘Andh Bhakti’ is spreading amongst us rapidly. This virus though present in our society since the inception of political parties, it has become more prominent in the last few years. People who have been affected are most aptly called “Andh Bhakts”.

 Andh Bhakts are those who follow any ideology or person blindly without giving it any deep thought, ever. This can also be identified as blind faith as the patient’s brain doesn’t respond well to logic or logical arguments put forth by other people and also start perceiving people with counter views as threats to their ideology. It can become so serious that the patient starts seeing his/her fellow citizens as their biggest enemy or in extreme cases enemies of the nation.

Extreme cases have reported symptoms like Abusing, beating, Online abuse, trolling, lynching. This virus can affect anybody Man or Woman. If you are not sure if you have been affected or not, a below-given list can help you identify.

1.People who do branding of specific politician.

2. Promote a pseudo agenda.

3. Praise pseudo qualities of a politician.

4.Can’t listen to any word against their favourite “Netaji”.

5.Have logos of some Neta or political party on your favourite vehicles.

And most importantly spoiling the newsfeed by liking and commenting on the party’s Facebook page, politician’s Facebook page or its paid supporter’s postings.

Most non-affected people might come across them or identify an Andh Bhakt as a person who burns down buses, Force Bharat Band (FB and WhatsApp are useful apps for that), File FIR because of your Facebook posting (In reality you don’t have freedom of speech) and most importantly only an Andh Bhakts tell you who is right or wrong.

Guidelines for non-affected people unless a proper solution is founded to eradicate this malady:

1. Never say anything bad about their favourite politician in front of them. They can spoil your day with their stupid logic.

2.If you want to debate with them, only data and then ask questions. But don’t talk about politician’s clothes, foreign trip, and illogical statements. (Because Andh Bhakt doesn’t answer that questions.)

3. Avoid asking the question on education, the safety of women, employment etc. Because these topics are not important for the growth of India. Discuss only recent stupid statements of politicians.

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4. Don’t say anything critical or logical things in front of Andh Bhakts because if you hurt their heart, they can hurt you physically.

Word of advice

“If you find yourself affected by this, keep an open mind to things and seek logical help from your fellow Indians.”

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