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December, 2018

  • 5 December

    Urban Naxals :- Real or Fake issue ?

    urban naxal

    The term “Urban Naxal” is being talked about with greater frequency on social media, in TV studios and columns of newspapers after the crackdown by the Maharashtra police on Left-wing activists suspected to have links with outlawed Naxal groups. The term Urban Naxal remains undefined. It is best attributed to …

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November, 2018

  • 8 November

    14 Reasons Behind Failure of India’s Demonetization

    14 Reasons Behind Failure of India's Demonetization

    Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi shocked Indians on 8 November 2016 when he announced on live television that all 500 and 1000-rupee notes, equivalent to about £6 and £12, would be banned in four hours’ time. The total value of invalidated Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes at the time of …

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October, 2018

  • 27 October

    15 Reasons Why Women Should Not Celebrate Patriarchal Karwa Chauth

    15 Reasons Why Women Should Not Celebrate Patriarchal Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth or popularly known as KC is a festival in which married women fast (not even drink water) from sunrise to moon rise for the safety and longevity of their husband. They starve themselves for the whole day so that their husbands live a long life. Indian women from …

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  • 22 October

    #MeToo Movement in India- A New Revolution in India

    MeToo movement in India

    The #MeToo campaign helped women from all around the world in throwing light on sexual abuse. Not only that, but it also gave women the opportunity to support each other, to empower themselves and to have a chance to talk about a serious issue that usually remains in the dark. …

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September, 2018

  • 5 September

    10 things That Needs To Be Change in Indian Teaching System

    10 Things That Needs To Be Change in Indian Teaching System

    Government strives for 100% literacy, but there are 10 things that should change in the Indian Teaching system to make the students literate as well as educated: 1.Teachers appointment and teaching method In India, most teachers are interested in completing the “course” of whatever class they’re teaching and focus less on …

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August, 2018

  • 30 August

    Sexism-The real reason behind Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Trolls

    Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas trolls

    Two friends A and B are discussing the recent engagement of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. A-Know it all, B-Don’t know anything A-Why are you so stressed? What happened?                B-Have you heard the news of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas engagement? A-Yes, I have. …

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  • 26 August

    Raksha Bandhan: Festival of Patriarchy – Modify Rules of Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan is festival of patriarchy

    Raksha Bandhan is a festival in which the sister ties Rakhi (or thread) around her brother’s wrist as a sign of love, and the brother promises to protect the sister. That was very clear from the name of the festival. It has Raksha (Protection) in it. Mention of this custom …

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  • 26 August

    Temple Run -The favourite game of every Indian politician

    Temple run in Indian politics

    A political chit-chat between two friends. A-Have you noticed one thing in the modern politics of India? B-What? A– Nowadays every politician loves to do temple run. It’s like Rath Yatra 2.0 B– Don’t you think it’s more of a vote yatra? A-Yes, that what I want to say. Its …

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  • 15 August

    11 Things From Which India Needs Independence

    Things from which India needs independence

    15 August, is the Independence Day of India. On 15 Aug 1947, we got independence from British rule. Independence means “the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people”. India is undoubtedly a free nation, more so on the paper. But do you really think India is independent? You think every Indian is independent? Do you …

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  • 8 August

    Is Democracy turning to mobocracy?

    Democracy turning to mobocracy

    A heated conversation between an engineer and a mob. Mob- So… You are going to die! Engineer- What? Why? I didn’t do anything.  I just came out for my morning walk! Mob- We just received a message on WhatsApp that there are child traffickers in our area. And we suspect …

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