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discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

How Indian girls are manufactured

India is a place where girls are not born, they are manufactured, to behave and live in a certain manner. Our hypocrite Indian society has different rules for girls. These people don’t want that a girl should live like a normal human being. They think that the girl should behave …

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Education System in India

Indian students=Xerox machine

Xerox from 1960, is an American global corporation that sells print solution and document technology products in more than 160 countries. This is a machine but in India, it can easily be replaced with students, ’Indian Students’. Nowadays in India, copier’s journey starts from an elementary school where it’s the …

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blind bhakts of politicians behave

The Deadly Virus Of Andh Bhakti

Citizens! A new virus of ‘Andh Bhakti’ is spreading amongst us rapidly. This virus though present in our society since the inception of political parties, it has become more prominent in the last few years. People who have been affected are most aptly called “Andh Bhakts”.  Andh Bhakts are those …

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