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Being Famous in India is Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

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hello friends chai pi lo

Do you want to be the next Ambani, Tata or Birla? Do you want to be famous like Sachin and Binny Bansal? Then you don’t need an innovative business idea or business skill, you just need ‘Chai’, a cup of tea. Today, Chai can help you reach new heights in this country.

I will start by explaining the power of tea, as India’s famous Aunty who has been motivating the entire country to have a cup of tea. Her name is  Somvati Mahawar, who urges people to drink tea many, many … times a day in her now-famous videos and also offers some snacks, namkeen, toast etc. with the tea. She has become a sensational desi woman over the internet and talk of the country. Mrs. Somwati ‘s 15-second-video calmly asking people of India to drink chai has hit thousands of views on social media platforms.  This aunty who always motivate everyone to have a cup of tea by saying these five humble words “Hello friends, Chai pe lo”. Now you can find everyone using this one dialogue in every house. People don’t ask their guest to please have tea, instead, they say the five golden words. Now she has a great amount of Facebook and Instagram followers and. Also famous than any of us ordinary folks.

But let’s not the one person who had a much bigger role than our Aunty in promoting chai, our very own chaiwala. In this case, our chaiwala is different from ordinary chaiwala. Our chai promoter is male and he does not offer snacks but precious words about life. This chaiwala afford to go on foreign trips, on the private plane, wear costly clothes & live a lavish life. But he never forgets his favourite drink and always finds a way to promote it by including it in his podcast, rallies, meetings and any other platform which allows him to talk.

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But this is another thing that our chaiwala promise that he will change the lives of ordinary chaiwala but he didn’t fulfill the promise. Instead of that, he applied GST which made the cost of tea is equal to the cost of coffee, which is a sign of real equality:)

Coming back to tea, which originally came from China, which is now a progressive country. In India, Tea comes from mainly two places Assam & Darjeeling. If we paid more attention to our country’s tea plantations, the region like Assam, Darjeeling can also develop.  But it is another thing that instead of improvement, our Chai hubs are neglected. They are always volatile, always burning in the fire of protests and always missing from the development agenda. Much like the eastern part of India. Neglected and forgotten.

Chai pi lo friends, but don’t forget where we are getting it from.

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