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Indian students=Xerox machine

Education System in India

Xerox from 1960, is an American global corporation that sells print solution and document technology products in more than 160 countries. This is a machine but in India, it can easily be replaced with students, ’Indian Students’. Nowadays in India, copier’s journey starts from an elementary school where it’s the …

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Being Famous in India is Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

hello friends chai pi lo

Do you want to be the next Ambani, Tata or Birla? Do you want to be famous like Sachin and Binny Bansal? Then you don’t need an innovative business idea or business skill, you just need ‘Chai’, a cup of tea. Today, Chai can help you reach new heights in …

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Metabolically Healthy Obesity

metabolically healthy obesity

Metabolically Healthy Obesity is a buzzword in the world. This is a term usually used by obese people all around the world to delude themselves into thinking that being overweight is not a big deal or it’s not a problem of modern human civilization. They say that Metabolically Healthy Obesity …

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