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Indian students=Xerox machine

Xerox from 1960, is an American global corporation that sells print solution and document technology products in more than 160 countries. This is a machine but in India, it can easily be replaced with students, ’Indian Students’.

Education System in India

Nowadays in India, copier’s journey starts from an elementary school where it’s the main purpose is to replicate whatever is written in the manual which in layman terms is called ‘Books’. From learning spellings to mugging mathematical formulae, this machine is taught all. And how to assure it’s is working fine over a period of time? Just make sure it is producing the desired number of copies or as we like to call it ‘Marks’. 100 copies are the perfect amount and ‘students’ spend their entire life reaching that landmark. You may surprise that most of the time how can an Indian origin guy or girl win the spelling bee competition so easily? No wonder Indian origin kids ace every Spell bee competition on this planet because maybe it is a motherland or foreign land, we Indians always show the power of coping.  

But if there is any competition related to creativity, maybe we will not be able to perform that much good as we perform in the spelling bee. Because our mind is habitual to memorize not thinking.

Let’s go through the 5 stages of becoming a copier in this country:

Stage 1

Education System in India

This journey starts when the kid is in Operational Stage. Here the kids are taught the meaning of life and if the child is a genius he/she will get a glimpse of her entire life.  A life of numbers. Memorising spellings, numbers become a daily chore. We love to send our kids to abacus class which is purely based on converting your kid’s brain into the calculator. (Info- In the early 1960s, the calculator was invented to solve mathematical problems in fractions of seconds. So, there is no need to change your kids’ mind into the calculator. Just use the calculator)

Stage 2

Education System in India

In this stage, we send our children to schools. Schools are the registered factory which is certified to convert a kid’s mind into a better coping machine.  The children are sent to higher classes just to do the same thing over and over again.

Teachers behave like a ringmaster in school. Ringmaster that trains lion but wants the lion to obey them. They don’t like those students who think like a lion of the jungle. They appreciate students when they behave like a lion of a circus. Remember the school days when we learn the periodic table

Ha  Li  Na K Rb  Cs Fr =Halina ka rab se fariyad.

As a copier machine, Indian students are doing phenomenal work. Recently, one girl got 499/500 marks in CBSE 12th exam, which shows that Indian students are doing a great job as copier machine.

Stage 3

Education System in India

Then to make students copier machine version 2.0, they are sent to bigger factory “The Coaching Institute”. The coaching cover huge “market of education”.  They can be anything ranging from IIT, NEET, CLAT, NADA blah blah… (This list is updating continuously, while you are reading) where students try to become the best machine there is.

Students go to coaching institutes, for cracking the exam by higher marks. Students will get marks according to their coping capacity.

 (Marks in India α Coping capacity of the student)

After this stressful process, students are sent to their respective mega-factories of coping according to their rank like AIR1, AIR 2, AIR3 …. This is not that air which we breath to live, but this “AIR” can sometimes take your air (Ex-Suicides in Kota).

Your marks are the proof of your coping ability. So, if you want to be successful in India, keep learning memorizing. Our country has a bright future in producing a copier machine. Ex. One boy got full 360/360 in IIT JEE 2017 exam.

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Stage 4

Education System in India

Now we have all heard about the mega-factories of this country, “The Colleges”. Here knowledge is as bland as their uniforms.

 In college, faculty will try their best to convert you into an ideal copier machine by teaching theory part of every subject. You have to memorize all the facts and figures besides knowing that this knowledge is not going to help you in your daily life.

“Practical knowledge is ban in India. Only theory knowledge is given to students after some “restrictions”. From B.Tech To BA, the pattern is the same.

You will learn what is microchip to principles of management but you will not know how to use this knowledge in real life. That is the real charismatic effect of Indian education. You know everything (theoretically) but you don’t know how to use that knowledge practically. The college faculty will give you one motto of your entire college life,

Memorise, Write, Repeat

Who wouldn’t get placed?

 So, in the last phase of this stage, a college will organize placement drama. In the last semester of college, placement companies will come to conduct GD&PI. Only those students who are excellent copier machine can qualify this round.

Stage 5

Education System in India

 After yelling in GD and trying to sell themselves in the interview, their real journey starts at their dream company.

Students are now employees, employees of big companies. They are in “JOB”. In the job, we copy foreign companies’ products, services, technology etc.  From software coding to the internal configuration of any product, we can copy any foreign thing. In the company, they put their skill of copying to good use.

Our bloodsucker boss will make sure that we can learn this tough process of corporate coping properly.

After the experience of some years of job, you will become a certified copier machine.

So, if you completed all levels, the congratulation! Now you are a new copier machine in our country.

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