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How Indian girls are manufactured

Source-The Indian Express

India is a place where girls are not born, they are manufactured, to behave and live in a certain manner. Our hypocrite Indian society has different rules for girls. These people don’t want that a girl should live like a normal human being. They think that the girl should behave in a “cultural way”. These terms and conditions are not applicable to boys. The process of becoming Indian girl is tough (free-thinking girls can’t follow it) and have following stages: –


discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing
Source-Best Ten News

In India, most people pray for a male child, but if a girl child is born, she is termed as ‘Devi’. But her life is far from luxury or royalty or comfort provided to a male child or Rajkumar. Girls are not Devi, by terming that people set up certain standards for a woman or how a girl should be in society. Growing up she is often gifted with a doll, soft toys or a kitchen set or to put simply “How to become a housewife”.  We put these stupid habits in the mind of a little girl who can’t possibly understand anything. We decorate our little princess with jewellery like tiara, anklet & other Indian jewellery stuff & turn her into a beautiful bride as soon as she is born and also condition her to think that this is why she was born, to become someone’s bride. It is happening with an innocent girl who doesn’t even know the spelling of the bride. It doesn’t matter what profession she chooses in life as being someone’s wife will determine her success, her existence. And not surprisingly we don’t do anything above mentioned training sessions with our future grooms

At that time our male child is shouting to have a car but it’s not the fault of the child but the society who tells the girl to play only with doll and boy with a car or video game.


discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

When Indian girl enters into the teenage phase new set of problem awaits them like having s fair height, fair skin, zero figure… endless problems. And India’s obsession with white skin starts with brightening powder and ends with brightening cream and doesn’t spare anyone You can’t be dark and lovely. No. Never. So, for fair complexion, apply layers of make-up which is made of chemicals which are not good for skin. But if a boy doesn’t have fair completion then we use to say Load Krishna was also dark you are like him.

Coming back to our Devi, she is given a commando-style training on how to behave, talk, speak, stand, walk ..you get it. Parents don’t take these rules lightly whether you are in the house or out. But the ‘female only’ training center is established and managed by other females of the house like mother, aunt, grandmother. And not surprisingly we don’t give this special commando training to our boys.

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Most of the people abuse & say girls & women don’t know how to drive, but they don’t know the reason behind it. Because we hypocrite Indians give vehicles to our strong boys, when they are in VII or VIII standard when they don’t even have a license. Who cares if they kill someone, right…? But we give Scotty (not a bike, a bike is for boys but by the way, a bike is a machine & can’t identify gender) to our “princess” when she enters college & mostly because nobody in-house can drop her college every day. Oh, by the way at that time boys got sports bikes & car which is far more expensive than your pink Scotty.

 This is the reaction of most people when they see a woman riding a motorbike😨


discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

Boys study for jobs & girls study to have a good husband, that is the Indian mentality. We never appreciate our girls to Have own business, do start-up & go to another city for job & education. If some girls are doing it then remember that they have that privilege after a long fight.

But for boys, “our Society” says that he can do anything because he is a male and he can handle any situation.


Indian Girl Before Marriage:-

discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

Indian girl after marriage:-

discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing
Source-Free Press Journal

Have you noticed the change in the attire of Indian female after marriage? They are pressurized to wear Indian clothes like a suit & saree. In addition to this she also has to make a statement by wearing bangles,mangalsutra and sindoor which says only one this” I am now someone’s property, stay away” And do I have to say anything about the husbands?

Before marriage>👔👕👖👟

After marriage>👔👕👖👞⌚

 In this case, a male can be charged as anti-national because they continue their life with old western clothes. Just joking.

A wife should do “Karwachauth vrat” for the long life of her husband, but husband need not do this stupid gesture for his wife. (Buy gym membership for your husband because Karwachauth never works in reality). Because when has mass hunger solved any problems??


discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

In India, despite having the same education, experience, and talent, women don’t get an equal salary to men. She also faces torcher like abuse to sexual harassment.


discrimination faced by Indian girls during upbringing

A child is produced by both the parents but doesn’t know how it became the sole responsibility of a mom to take care of her child. It’s common sense that other than giving birth and breastfeeding, men can do every other thing for the child but in our society, it’s only the mom’s responsibility to take care of the kid’s upbringing.

People think that a woman should perfectly juggle between household work and job. Men are not supposed to do household work because it’s a job designed only for the woman apparently. Sometimes women are pressured to leave the job to take care of the house and husband.

And of course, she will do it without hesitating because that is how she was raised. With a doll( now a baby) and a kitchen set( now a household). When she faces pressure, lack of freedom, restriction and hypocrite attitude something die in her that is her free soul.

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  1. Good research girl…. But it’s hard to make people understand that actual problem of a girl starts from her own home not from society…. The day when people understand that they have to teach their son aswell how to behave with girls and they are not item or property…might be the problem of rape and other practice will decrease in number….but for that Indian mothers and grandmothers has to stop discrimination because they are one who do it as their daily bonus……

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